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Waste Management Technology in Japan

This database mainly includes the most advanced environmental technologies in Japan, and is developed as a user-friendly tool. The data are categorized by "waste-type", therefore users can easily access to appropriate data/measures for waste treatment technology, and it is also designed to be able to search a data by "treatment method" and "keyword ", utilizing a search function.

 Contents: Waste-types [number of relevant data]

(1) Combustible waste [25]
(2) Noncombustible waste [7]
(3) Recyclable waste [12]
(4) Bulky waste [10]
(5) Ashes (Municipal Solid Waste) [4]
(6) Others [6]
(7) End-of-life vehicles [1]
(8) Hazardous Municipal wastes (explosive,toxiic or epidemical, etc) [2]
(9) Ashes [7]
(10) Sludge [20]
(11) Waste oil [12]
(12) Waste acid [5]
(13) Waste alkali [5]
(14) Waste plastics [22]
(15) Waste paper [15]
(16) Waste wood [19]
(17) Waste fibers [14]
(18) Solid waste related to animals or plants [10]
(19) Solid wastes related to fowls of being slaughtered or scraped [3]
(20) Waste pieces of rubber [11]
(21) Waste pieces of metal [3]
(22) Waste pieces of glass, concrete and ceramics [3]
(23) Slag [0]
(24) Pieces of broken concrete produced in the newly building, rebuilding or removal of structures [2]
(25) Excrements of animals [10]
(26) Dead animals [4]
(27) Soot and dust [5]
(28) Treated solid for disposal (e.g. solidification with cement) [0]
(29) Hazardous Industrial wastes (explosive,toxiic or epidemical, etc) [3]

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