Soil and Groundwater Contamination Survey and Countermeasure Technologies

Background and Important Notes Regarding the Compilation of Examples of Contamination Survey and Countermeasure Technologies

The Environment Agency initiated five-year plans in fiscal 1993 -- the "Survey of Groundwater Contamination Countermeasures" and the "Establishment and Verification of New Remediation Technologies for Soil Contamination" -- and invited submission of new technologies for soil and groundwater contamination countermeasures that were used overseas in practical application or being developed in Japan. The Agency also conducted verification experiments in Japan using the technologies selected by specialists and experts. The Agency examined the possibility of the domestic application of each selected technology by taking into consideration diverse land and contamination conditions in this country, and also studied the conditions required for practical application.

Furthermore, technologies for which the above-mentioned verification experiments were conducted were evaluated by a committee consisting of specialists and experts. The results of the examinations conducted by the committee were summarized in the report titled "Examination of Examples of Soil and Groundwater Contamination Countermeasures." Copies of the report were distributed to all prefectures as well as municipalities designated by the Water Pollution Control Law to disseminate the new technologies.

This report includes various soil and ground water contamination survey and countermeasure technologies -- particularly those that were examined by the Environment Agency -- and provides comprehensive information of this technical field. Please use the report effectively. Be sure to read the following notes.

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