Summary of On-Site Green Techniques Survey

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Purpose of the Survey:

Addressing the issue of environmental preservation has been one of the most concerned topics in the current day-to-day corporate activities. A great number of basic environmental preservation techniques are believed to have accumulated on manufacturing and construction sites over the years. These techniques contain many valuable ideas based on ingenuity and improvement implemented on site.
Transfer of environmental preservation technology to the developing countries has often focused on the transfer of sophisticated environmental preservation techniques from industrially advanced countries. However, basic techniques are considered to be more readily acceptable and to take root in the receiving countries.
The survey was conducted in this context to achieve the objectives listed below.

  1. To collect and organize technical information concerning on-site environmental preservation efforts by various corporations
  2. To collect and organize information on corporate attitudes and organizational systems which make full use of the on-site techniques and technology
Summary of Survey

The survey was conducted by sending questionnaires to, and carrying out hearing surveys at corporations. The results of these surveys were compiled in an organized format.
Method of Questionnaire Survey
The questionnaire survey was conducted in order to grasp the on-site green techniques adopted by corporations and to offer these techniques widely to developing countries. Questionnaire forms were sent by mail and returned by mail after they were filled out. Questionnaire forms were sent to corporations in a variety of industries in order to avoid concentration on certain industries. Forty-two companies responded.

Method of Hearing Survey
The hearing survey was conducted to confirm the technical information given on the returned questionnaires and to obtain specific examples on the three points listed below.

  1. OGT information other than that written on the questionnaires
  2. Ideas for promoting continued use of the OGT
  3. Ideas on OGT information collection systems

Hearing surveys were carried out on those corporations which responded in the questionnaire survey and selected as companies meeting the objective of the hearing survey.
The number of corporations surveyed numbered 15 offices from 13 corporations