Survey Results (Technical)

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In this section, On-site Green Techniques (OGT) is summarized from the following three viewpoints:
  1. Objects on which techniques are applied
  2. Strategy
  3. Action

Objects on which techniques are applied

The objects on which OGT are applied are divided into Input and Output categories.

Input indicates things put into the manufacturing or construction process, and Output, things other than products which are discharged during the manufacturing or construction process.
Energy is the only element classified into Input. Unless energy is controlled on the input side, it can only be understood in terms of utilization of waste heat.
Thus, energy is considered as input. Other raw materials, supplementary materials, and water are included in the Output category because reduction on the amount used is related to reduction on the amount generated.
Output encompasses discharged matters other than manufactured goods. Therefore, the output should be kept to minimum. Output is classified into
categories listed below.

Strategies on input energy are as follows:

  1. Reduction of the amount of input energy used by implementing appropriate control and energy-saving measures (Control on usage)

  2. Reuse of wastes generated in one step of the manufacturing process as fuel in another step of the process; Reuse of waste heat (Reuse)

Strategies on output are as follows:

  1. Decrease in the incidence of stagnancy by improving the manufacturing process and equipment; reduction in the amount of raw materials and supplementary materials used in the manufacturing process (Control on generation)

  2. Use of any discarded material as raw material to produce another product; reuse of any discarded material back in the manufacturing or construction process (Reuse)

  3. Proper management of discharged matters to make sure that pollutants do not flow from the site. (Proper management)

Cases representative of the questionnaire survey results are listed below.


Specific actions taken are classified into categories listed below.

List of Techniques

Questionnaires are organized according to three basic viewpoints as described above. The content of each technique is summarized on the charts.
Objects and strategies

Objects and actions