On-Site Green Technique (OGT)
Category:Waste Liquid and Sludge

Data No.


401 Preventing cutting oil from putrefaction by ultraviolet irradiation
402 Treatment of sedimentary sludge
403 The reduction of sludge settling in a temporary storage tank for effluent
404 Improvement in collecting cutting oil
405 Shortening washing time by the improvement of a tank
406 The incineration of organic sludge in a factory
407 Improvement of equipment to prevent employees' mis-operation
408 Reduction of sludge
409 The reduction of oil-bearing waste water
410 The conversion of abrasion sludge into glassmaking material
411 Recycling of sludge developed in effluent treatment
412 The reuse of waste water discharged by the back washing of the sand filter in the purification equipment of underground water
413 Re-using liquid waste for controlling temperature in a dust incinerator
414 The reuse of overflow water from a cooling tower
415 Recycling sludge in a sedimentation tank for treating turbid water into cut-and-cover material in the company's plant.
416 The reuse of waste oil
417 Recycle of effluent
418 Collection of alcohol from reaction liquid produced in manufacturing synthetic resins
419 Reduction of water-soluble waste liquid such as cutting oil
420 A simplified oil-water separation system by the use of gutters within the enclosure of the factory
421 Making effluent sludge dehydration more efficient
422 BOD measures by aeration of factory raw water
423 Varying the speed of the aerator in a aeration tank for household effluent treatment
424 Automatic water sampling system when the PH of effluent from a factory is not at an acceptable level.
425 Improvement of waste disposal system
426 A reservoir for disaster prevention with the use of ornamental ponds in a factory yard.
427 A neutralization equipment for waste water used in the casting of concrete under construction at a factory
428 The reduction and recycling of waste from a painting process in automobile manufacturing