On-Site Green Technique (OGT)
Category:Wrapping Materials

Data No.


301 Reusable furniture packing material used in transporting furniture for relocation
302 Restraining industrial waste from occurring by changing the method of packing natural rubber.
303 Weight reduction of packing materials for lighting fixtures under new construction of a building
304 Improved packaging of face panel for a two-way cassette of a unit air conditioner (No polystyrene foam used)
305 The reuse of fiber drum containers
306 Repeat use of corrugated cardboard boxes for packing chairs (applying for a utility model)
307 The exclusion of packing when small-sized construction parts are carried
308 Using pallets for carrying illuminators to construction fields
309 Using goods-delivery boxes to carry illuminators to construction fields
310 The reuse of polyethylene sheets for packing (in a factory)
311 Recycling of packing material
312 Use of discarded vinyl sheets in transporting sludge
313 Recycling of polystyrene foam
314 Improvement of product packing method