On-Site Green Technique (OGT)
Category:Solid Waste

Data No.


201 Concrete construction method which does not require molds
202 Increase of the longevity of a brick gutter by changing the shape of brick
203 A plastic mold method
204 The development of a substitute for a mold which is made of tropical lumber
205 Ordering building materials of the exact size.
206 Carrying construction materials to fields in a unit which is assembled in a factory
207 Recycling of glass fiber dust
208 Recycle of soils generated at construction sites in other areas
209 Collection of all small-size pieces of corrugated cardboard
210 Recycling concrete blocks from the demolition of old buildings
211 Recycling of primary treatment soil due to the muddy water shield method
212 The reuse of primary disposed soil in the slurry shield method for invert concrete
213 Recycling of shredded paper waste into packing material
214 A method of a mold which is made from scrap wood as material
215 Recycling of waste rubber trees
216 The establishment of complete segregation and separate collection of refuse accumulated in a factory
217 Recycling the small scrap pieces of the air conditioner panel coat
218 Apparatus for separating vinyl chloride and iron of vinyl-chloride coated pipe scraps
219 The transportation of separated various kinds of construction waste together
220 Recycling of carpet felt cuttings
221 Separate storage for general waste, industrial waste and corrugated cardboard found on construction sites