On-Site Green Technique (OGT)

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On-Site Green Techniques (OGTs) are techniques and creative ideas generated at various manufacturing and construction sites for the purpose of preserving the environment. OGTs do not require sophisticated technology or expensive equipment; rather, they include a variety of techniques implemented on site, ranging from improvements and ingenious ideas to the cooperative correspondence for environmental preservation activities.

Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) conducted an OGT survey (questionnaires and interviews) towards private corporations, and 42 corporations provided us with valuable information. We, then analyzed this information and compiled it into the Survey Results: "Technical" and "Promotional Systems".

The techniques and ideas were often available only in each corporation, and there were few opportunity to share and apply the ideas to the usage of other corporations. We sincerely hope that the release of the OGT information through the Internet will help facilitate practical use of OGTs in many corporations all over the world, especially those in developing countries.

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