Japanese Advanced Environmental Equipment

The source of database is "Introduction of Japanese Advanced Environmental Equipment" published by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (JSIM) in 2001 to introduce the advanced environmental equipment made by Japanese leading manufacturers. With a kind cooperation of the Society and fund raised by Ministry of the Environment of Japan, Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) hereby introduces it by the means of this database. We hope this database will be widely used by environmental researchers and engineers not only in Japan but also in overseas countries.

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Overview of Environmental Equipment Industry

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Company Index
  1. Air Pollution Control Equipment
      (1) Dust Collector
      (2) Desulfurization Equipment
      (3) Denitrification Equipment
      (4) Decarbonization Equipment (CO2 Reduction)
      (5) Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment
      (6) Related Equipment and Others

  2. Water Pollution Control Equipment
      (1) Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment
      (2) Sewage Treatment Equipment
      (3) Human Waste Treatment Equipment
      (4) Sludge Treatment Equipment
      (5) Marine Pollution Control Equipment
      (6) Related Equipment and Others

  3. Waste Treatment Equipment
      (1) Collecting, Transporting and Transferring Equipment
      (2) Crushing Resource Recovery and Recycling Equipment
      (3) Incinerating Equipment
      (4) Final Disposal Equipment
      (5) Sludge Treatment Equipment
      (6) Other Treatment Equipment

  4. Noise and Vibration Control Equipment
      (1) Noise Controls
      (2) Vibration Controls

  5. Soil and Groundwater Remediation Equipment
      (1) Contamination with Heavy Metals, etc.
      (2) Volatile Organic Compounds