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Updated: July 2002

Bag Filter

1. Purpose

The bag filter is designed and engineered for filtering dust in gas emissions from all industry areas through a bag-shaped fiber filter so that the dust can be separated from the gases.
Furthermore, by pre-coating such as injecting calcium hydroxide in just ahead of the bag filter, oil mist or noxious gases such as hydrogen chloride, too, is possible to remove simultaneously.

2. Performance

The bag filter is grouped into the pulse jet type, reverse air type, and dual reverse and shaking blow-off type according to the method of shaking off the dust, which are selected in consideration of gas temperature, properties of substances, moisture, and so on.
Dust removal efficiency can be reached up to 99.9% or larger, and if the bag is pre-coated, gases, to 90% or larger efficiency.

3. Characteristics

- A wide variety of gases are possible to collect.
The 0.05g/m3N dust concentration is possible to attain regardless of concentration at inlet.
- Pressure loss in 0.78-1.96kPa
- Fine particles down to 0.1µm are possible to collect.
- Required power except for fan power is small.
- Continuous operation is possible to perform and maintenance is easy to control.
- Both facility cost and maintenance cost are low because of the simple construction.
- Recovered dust is possible to re-use because of dry type dust collecting design.

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