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Data Entry: November 2011

Sapporo City's Program for Training Community Leaders on Environmental Cleanup Campaigns

Sapporo City Government supports activities of Clean Sapporo Sanitation Promoters (leaders of community residents) to promote environmental cleanup, waste reduction, and recycling. The city also organizes programs in cooperation with the promoters.

- This program is intended to support Clean Sapporo Sanitation Promoters (community leaders for encouraging environmental cleanup activities) and to build a framework for enabling community residents to work together, thus promoting environmental cleanup as well as waste reduction and recycling.

- Promoters are selected from respective neighborhood associations. As of April 2011, about 3,000 promoters are involved.

- Workshops and other programs are held several times a year in respective wards to help promoters boost the waste reduction and recycling efforts in respective communities to create a resource recycling society. Such workshops and programs include lectures by experts regarding timely topics on waste and presentations about activities that are practiced. A city-wide event is held annually.

- Promoters work with city officials in giving guidance and instructions about waste sorting to residents as well as raising their awareness and distributing leaflets about waste reduction and sorting/collection.

- To support promoters' activities, Sapporo City Government grants subsidies to cover the cost of activities (including workshops).


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