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Data Entry: November 2011

Aichi Prefecture Environment Award System

 1. Purpose
This award system is designed to commend excellent practices - innovative and effective technology, business, activity and education, submitted by companies, organizations and residents of Aichi prefecture. By introducing such practices, this award will not only encourage new production modalities and life styles to take root in society, but also promote construction of a recycling society.

2. Eligible candidates
- Companies, organizations, or groups (individuals cannot apply).

3. Eligibility requirements

- Innovative and effective practices of technology, business, activity or education concerning resource-recycling and reduction of environmental impacts, including resource conservation, energy conservation, new energy, and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Businesses in preparation (recycling business) can be submitted only if its feasibility is high in Aichi prefecture. Previously-awarded practices can be re-submitted, based on significant improvement of technology or outstanding progress. However, they will not be subject to commendation unless they achieve the higher-level of award.

4. Selection Criteria
"Selection Committee", consisting of experts, is charged with examination and selection. Hearings and field visits will be organized, if necessary. The selection criteria are as follows;

- Novelty, Superiority, and Uniqueness when compared to existing technologies and businesses
Reduction of environmental impacts:
- Waste reduction, CO2 emissions reduction, etc.
- Demonstrated record of product sales and technology application for large companies, prospect and possibilities for SMEs

- Superiority, Uniqueness and Advance when compared to existing activity and education
Potential Partnership:
- Collaboration with various stakeholders such as governments, universities and companies
- Sustainability of activities

<Overarching consideration>
Social impact/Ripple effect:
- Educational effect for building new production modalities and life styles with environmental consciousness

5. Awards classifications
- Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, Chunichi Newpaper Company's Prize, and Nagoya Mayor Prize (one for each), and Excellent Prize (seven)
The number of prizes is subject to change. For an excellent proposal on recycling business, Aichi prefecture is ready to offer assistance in developing it into a business.


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