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Data Entry: November 2011

 Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities (Green Purchasing Law)

 I. Purpose

The Green Purchasing Law aims to ensure that the national government, national organizations and local governments take the initiative in procuring eco-friendly goods and to facilitate them to provide useful information for green purchasing. The Law was established in May 2000 and fully put into force in April 2001.

II. Outline of the Law

(1) Responsibilities of the national government

(2) Responsibilities of independent administrative agencies

(3) Responsibilities of local governments

(4) Responsibilities of businesses

(5) Responsibilities of citizens

III. Designated Procurement Items to Be Procured by the National Government (FY 2010: 256 items in 19 categories)


Designated procurement item

Paper (7)

Copy paper, business forms, coated inkjet paper, etc.

Stationery (82)

Mechanical pencils, refill lead for mechanical pencils, ball point pens, marking pens, etc.

Office furniture (10)

Chairs, desks, shelves, storage cabinets (excluding shelves), low partition screens, coat hooks, etc.

OA machines (18)

Copiers, all-in-one printers, digital copiers with extensibility, printers, etc.

Mobile phones (2)

Cellular phones, PHS

Home appliances (5)

Refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators with freezer, etc.

Air conditioners (3)

Air conditioners, gas-heat pump systems, heaters

Water heaters (4)

Electric hot water heaters, gas-water heaters, oil-fired water heaters, gas cookers

Lighting (5)

Fluorescent lighting apparatuses, LED lighting equipment, LED-backlit signs, etc.

Vehicles (5)

Vehicles, ETC devices, automotive navigation systems, tires, etc.

Fire extinguishers (1)

Fire extinguishers

Uniforms and work clothes (3)

Uniforms, work clothes, caps

Interior fixtures and bedding (10)

Curtains, fabric blinds, tufted carpets, carpet tiles, etc.

Work gloves (1)

Work gloves

Other fiber goods (7)

Tents, tarpaulins, protective netting, flags, banners, screens, mops

Facilities (6)

Photovoltaic generation systems, solar thermal systems, fuel cells, kitchen waste disposers, water-saving apparatuses, etc.

Emergency supplies (6)

PET bottled water, gelatinized rice, hardtack, cans, pouch-packed food, emergency canned fuel

Public work projects (66)

1. Recycled materials (treated soil recycled from construction sludge, water granulated slag for earth work, etc.)

2. Construction machinery (low-emission type, low-noise type)

3. Method of construction (low-quality soil utilization method, recycling of construction sludge, etc.)

4. Special-purpose items (drainage paving, permeable paving, etc.)

Services (15)

Energy-saving diagnoses, printing, cafeterias, tire retreading, car repairs, government office building management, etc.

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