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Data Entry: November 2011

Law on Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances
(Home Appliance Recycling Law)

I. Purpose

The Law on Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances (Home Appliance Recycling Law) was established in June 1998 and fully put into force in April 2001 for the establishment of a sound material-cycle society. This law sets forth a novel recycling scheme, the principle of which is to newly impose obligations on home appliance manufacturers and retailers, in order to ensure proper waste treatment and efficient use of resources by reducing wastes and making full use of recyclable materials.

II. Outline of the Law

(1) Specified kinds of home appliances to be regulated (four categories of home appliances)
- Air conditioners
- Televisions
- Refrigerators and freezers
- Washing machines and clothes driers

(2) Responsibilities of waste generators, retailers and manufacturers
To ensure that the specified kinds of home appliances are properly recycled, the Home Appliance Recycling Law sets forth roles of waste generators (consumers or business operators), retailers, and manufacturers, etc. (manufacturers and importers).

[1] Waste generators (consumers or business operators)

[2] Retailers

[3] Manufacturers, etc. (manufacturers and importers)

[4] Designated body (Association for Electric Home Appliances)

[5] City/municipal governments

(3) Recycling standards

(4) Home appliance recycling coupon system
The home appliance recycling coupon system has been introduced to ensure that specified kinds of home appliances are transferred from retailers to manufacturers, etc. in a proper manner.
This system enables waste generators to check whether recycling is certainly performed or not.
This system is operated by the designated body (Association for Electric Home Appliances).

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