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Energy-Saving Technologies

Architectural planning
Reduction of Load by Planting,etc Upgrading of Adiabatic Performance (Wall/roof) Outdoor Air Cooling Water-saving/Service Water System Optimum Operating of Equipment Smoking Corner
Improvement of Climate Conditions by Water and Planting High Level of Gas Tight, High Level of Adiabatic Window Natural Ventilation VWV/VAV Control of Ventilation Air Volume According to CO2 Density  
Blind Air Flow Window Technology Cogeneration System Total Heat Exchanger Review of room condition  
Azimuth and Configuration High Level of Adiabatic Glass,etc Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Environmental Energy Utilization System    
Reduction in Window Area Adiabatic Film  High-efficiency Gas Fired Air Conditioning System Lighting Control/Daylighting    
Non-air Conditioning Room on Perimeter Zone   Thermal Storage Technology Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation    
Overhang,etc   Air Conditioning in Occupancy Zone/Stratified Air Conditioning High Efficiency Transformer    
Rooftop Garden   Solar Heat Use      
    Floor-by-floor Air-handling Unit System,Local Hot Water Supply      
    Directional Water Supply System      
    Demand Controller      

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