Air Pollution Continuous Monitoring Technology in Japan

Notes on the maintenance and management of automatic monitoring instruments

1. Items related to air pollution monitoring stations and roadside air pollution monitoring stations

1.1 General matters
1.1.1 Sample collection tube
1.1.2 Flow meter
1.1.3 Recorder
1.1.4 Water used for the monitoring instruments

1.2 Specific matters to individual instruments
1.2.1 Automatic SO2 analyzer(Conductimetric method)
1.2.2 Automatic SO2 analyzer(Ultraviolet fluorescence method)
1.2.3 Automatic NOx analyzer (Saltzman reagent method)
1.2.4 Automatic NOx analyzer (Chemiluminescence method)
1.2.5 Automatic SPM analyzer
1.2.6 Automatic Ox analyzer (Absorptiometry method)
1.2.7 Automatic Ox analyzer (Ultraviolet absorption method)
1.2.8 Automatic CO analyzer
1.2.9 Automatic HC analyzer
1.2.10 Anemoscope and anemometer
1.2.11 Temperature/humidity
1.2.12 Amount of solar radiation

2. Items related to monitoring stations for stationary source

2.1 General requirements
2.1.1 Sampling system
2.1.2 Pretreatment system
2.1.3 Recording system
2.1.4 Adjustment of calibration gas

2.2 Matters specific to individual instrument
2.2.1 Automatic SO2 analyzer
2.2.2 Automatic NOx analyzer
2.2.3 Automatic analyzer for CO
2.2.4 Automatic analyzer for O2
2.2.5 Automatic analyzer for HCl

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