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Cleaner Production Technology Information

Update: July 2008
Technology Information "FOURSTARS" Food Waste Fermentation/Decomposition Device
Organization The Merry Corporation
Type of Industry Wholesale and Retail
Categories of Technology Effective Reuse of Waste; Waste Reduction
Implementation Benefit Pollutant Reduction (Solid Waste)
Technology Outline The FOURSTARS device prevents wastage of vegetable and other food scraps by breaking them down for return to the soil.
The device represents one aspect of the Merry Corporation's "Merry's System".
The device uses charcoal from safe recycled disposable bamboo chopsticks.

■ Implementation Benefits

Energy Saving

Reduce (Raw Materials) Reduction

Pollutant Reduction

Waste Reduction Food waste
Emissions reduced to zero
About Implementation Benefits (additional data)

■ Cost/Benefit

Cost for Introducing Technologies (Yen)
Cost Recovery Term
Running Cost Before Introduction Local government standard treatment costs (Kanto region): \40/kg
Running Cost After Introduction Merry's System recycling costs (including rental fee): \27/kg
Cost Advantage Reduction of JPY117,000/ month @ 300kg/day

■ Where to make contact

Organization The Merry Corporation
Division Business Administration Dept.
Address 10-1 Koyomachi, Wakamatsu-Ku, Kita Kyusyu, Fukuoka 808-0002, JAPAN
Phone +81-93-752-5300
FAX +81-93-752-5303
E-mail ceresīŧ
Homepage Address

■ Others

Have you obtained ISO14001 ?
Certification Organization
Other Environmental Qualifications/Accreditation
Notable Environmental Initiatives The Merry's System is a sustainable, community-based food waste recycling system promoted by the Merry Corporation which uses food waste and used chopsticks as its resources to significantly reduce CO2 emissions based on the simple practice of only returning water to the waterways and soil to the ground.

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