Air Pollution Control Technology in JAPAN

The source of this database is "Air Pollution Control Technology in JAPAN", which was published by the Committee for Studying Transfer of Environmental Technology in May 1996. This volume describes the various technological measures to prevent and control air pollution which are available in Japan.

The committee, headed by Prof. Nobuo Takeda, Kyoto University, was established within Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) in October 1994. It is composed of experts from the Environment Agency, the Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Municipal Government and 16 companies including manufacturers of environment-related machinery. The objective is to accumulate knowledge on the environmental technology available in Japan and promote its transfer to developing countries.

On the usage of this database, please send your comments and requests to GEC. However, please send any inquiries regarding the content of technology data directly to each manufacturer. The address is shown at the bottom of each data page.


    (1) from the Chairman of the committee
    (2) from the President of GEC
    (3) from the Director of UNEP-IETC


    (1) Dust Collector
    (2) Desulfurization Equipment
    (3) Denitrification Equipment
    (4) NOx Abatement By Combustion Modification
    (5) Deodorization Equipment
    (6) Solvent Recovery Equipment
    (7) Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment
    (8) Miscellaneous

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